16-year-old boy latest victim of London knife crime epidemic

A young boy aged just 16 was ambushed and stabbed to death in Barking by a masked gang in the latest sickening act of violence to hit the nation’s capital.

Joshua Bwalya and two of his friends were attacked by a group wearing balaclavas. All three were stabbed but Joshua Bwalya sadly died from his injuries.

The young lad had just completed his GCSEs and had aspirations of playing football for Chelsea.

His family paid tribute to a “beautiful boy who had his whole life ahead of him”.

The Met Police have described the attack as “cowardly and brutal” and are appealing for information.

There has been an absolutely horrific spate of violence in East London alone recently including a shooting and a stabbing at a tube station in the past few days alone.

No one seems to want to talk about what is going on and London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response has been decidedly lacklustre. Surely now is the time for more police on the streets, the banning of face coverings, increased stop and search and big mandatory prison sentences for those who carry knives?

Once found, the scum who brutally murdered young Joshua Bwalya should be made an example of and rot in prison for the rest of their lives.