15-year-old victim of 'drive-by shooting' in Coventry

A young lad in Coventry was the victim of a drive-by shooting over the weekend in the latest shocking incident seen on Britain’s streets.

The teenage boy was shot in Coventry city centre where he was standing by McDonald’s when a motorbike carrying a number of people went past and a weapon was fired.

The 15-year-old was taken to hospital with injuries said to be potentially life-changing.

A second man aged around 20 who was standing near the youngster also suffered minor injuries.

Police are now treating the incident as attempted murder.

Det Insp Harjit Ubhi, from Force CID, has said that: “This was an appalling and reckless attack in a part of the city centre which was busy with people enjoying nights out.

“We are already going through CCTV and identifying witnesses, and are determined to bring the people responsible to justice as swiftly as possible.”

The Coventry Telegraph has published some reaction from locals, including Karen Underwood who has said: “Why the hell are these scumbags carrying knives and guns. This isn’t the Bronx it’s Coventry for gods sake.

“This is what happens when kids aren’t disciplined anymore. It’s getting out of hand. We need police on the streets, we need stop and search to happen all the time. See what a nanny state has done!!!! I’m scared for my kids and grandkids.”

Another, Caron Hetherton, has said: “Coventry really is no-go zone now. I really fear for my kids growing up here. These scumbags really are taking over but it’s hardly a surprise with little or no police around. Disgraceful.”

Tackling violent crime really must be a top priority for the next Prime Minister if we are to see a stop to this horrendous attacks.