15-year-old 'given detention for saying he would vote UKIP'

A father has said his 15-year-old son was given a detention simply for saying he would vote for UKIP.

Paul, who called LBC to tell about the shocking treatment of his son said: “One boy said he’d vote for UKIP and the teacher said that ‘all UKIP voters are racist’ so my boy came in and said ‘I’d vote for UKIP and I’m not racist'”.

He continued: “He was given a detention, the three boys that said it, and when he come home and told me I didn’t believe him.”

However, when Paul phoned the school the Head of Year issued an apology and the detention was withdrawn.

The left-wing teacher who issued the punishment was forced to give an apology to the boys for scolding them for expressing a political opinion in a debate about the General Election.

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