128,000 children homeless on Christmas morning, UK government spends billions on foreign aid

This Christmas morning 128,000 children will wake up homeless in Britain – yet the UK continues to dish out billions in foreign aid.

Almost 400,000 more children and 300,000 more pensioners are living in poverty than four years ago, according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The above video from Channel 4 News shows Billy, who has to share a tiny room in a shelter with his dad – he’s often woken up by the strangers who also live in the shelter shouting and swearing at each other. He’s 7-years-old. But returning ISIS jihadis get council houses…It’s a scandal.

There is endemic child poverty in the UK, but this government seems to care more about people abroad than it does about its own citizens.

In 2015, the Foreign Aid Budget was £12.1bn – by 2021 that could be up to £14.4bn. Britain sends money to India – that’s a country with its own space programme.

Half a million pounds was spent on turning Saddam Hussein’s former house into a museum – you know, that bloke we went to war with and then executed.

Last year we heard about the additional £5m being doled out to an Ethiopian girl band, and £285m was wasted on a St Helena airport where planes cannot land.

Just imagine what even just £10m of that Foreign Aid Budget would mean for the 128,000 homeless children this Christmas. How can the government justify shipping that money abroad when there are young British citizens homeless and starving? It’s a national disgrace.