100,000 sign up to Brexit Party in first week

Whilst there is much attention today on the group of seven anti-Brexit former Labour MPs now forming the ‘Independent Group’, there has been a clear surge of interest in Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

The new Brexiteer outfit is set to punish the establishment if the UK’s EU exit is delayed beyond 29th March and there are European Elections. The sight of Brits going to the polls to elect another set of British MEPs to sit in the European Parliament would be farcical and shatter trust in politicians.

35,000 people registered with the party in the first 48 hours and over the weekend it emerged that that number has now cleared 100,000 sign-ups.

Nigel Farage told The Sun at the weekend that: “We haven’t really got going yet and already people are coming to us in droves via our website. If Article 50 gets extended, support will go through the roof.

“We are aware of at least two Conservative MPs who privately say they would cast their vote for The Brexit Party if the European Elections were forced up on us. So we are the sword of Damocles hanging over the Prime Minister’s head.”

Tory Business Minister Richard Harrington suggested that pro-Brexit Tory MPs in the European Research Group join the new outfit.

Whilst there’s a lot of Westminster hype today around Chuka Umunna and Co, a new Farage-led party is likely to be a more significant force if 17.4 million Brexit voters are betrayed by those in Westminster.