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Tory manifesto author talked up Leave recession, ‘felt sick’ about Brexit

MP who warned of Brexit recession has written the Conservative document.

by Westmonster
May 18, 2017

The author of the Conservative Party’s manifesto was one of the most anti-Brexit MPs in the entire party.

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Ben Gummer has written a Tory manifesto which will seek to push tough messages on Brexit and migration.

But Gummer was strongly against Brexit, warning against a Leave vote on his website just days before the referendum: “All that talk about recession – it all sounds far too theoretical doesn’t it? Just a load of economists trying to predict the future? Well, I agree. So I’m going to go on a quick safari around Ipswich to show where those numbers come from, and how they are very, very real.”

He went on: “When you vote on Thursday, you have a choice between two boxes. It is your choice where you place your cross. But businesses across our town want to be quite clear with you: that ‘Leave’ box – if you tick that, it means jobs lost in our town, our Ipswich. And if you tick Remain, we can get on with the work in hand: making our wonderful town and our wonderful Great Britain greater still.”

Reacting to the referendum result, Gummer said that: “I am feeling sick to the pit of my stomach about the impact this will have on jobs across the country.”

Strange to have a supposedly pro-Brexit manifesto written by a man who warned of potential recession and Leave disaster. He’s hardly a Brexiteer.