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Polish government continue to defy EU over migrant quotas

Looking out for their own citizens first.

by Westmonster
May 19, 2017

Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party is refusing to give in to Brussels bullying over migrant quotas.

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Justice Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has reiterated that: “Poland’s position is consistent and clear – we oppose relocation,

“This mechanism does not only fail to solve the migration problem, it aggravates it. It encourages more waves of migrants from Africa and Asia to come, which also provides a big source of income for smugglers and people traffickers.”

His comments follow Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło holding the line on the issue, insisting that the country would not give in to EU demands for a large influx of migrants.

The EU nationalists are getting increasingly aggravated by this breaking out of nation state rebellion. There have been threats of funding being stripped from those who don’t do as Brussels dictates, whilst some EU sources have even suggested that the likes Poland and Hungary could be booted out of the bloc.

Less a happy union of co-operation, more a cartel that threatens to beat you up if you don’t comply.