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Philip Davies: Positive discrimination is racism pure and simple

Internships – but you can’t apply if you’re white.

by Westmonster
July 11, 2017

Tory MP Philip Davies has spoken out after it emerged several media outlets are banning white people from applying for some internships.

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Westmonster revealed yesterday that ITV and the New Statesman were offering internships for non-whites only.

Davies said: “This is pure and simple racism. It’s the most blatant racism that you will ever see if you can only get a job because of the colour of your skin. There’s unacceptable racism among left wing luvvies.

“Everybody knows and accepts one of the groups doing worst is the white, working-class – boys in particular. To in effect deprive a white, working-class person is completely unacceptable. It’s simplistic diversity.

“The thing the media needs more of is working class opinions – more conservatives actually if they really want to have diversity of opinion.

“What on earth is wrong with appointing people based on merit, irrespective of colour or gender? The Equality and Human Rights Commission should be stamping down on this.

“If we want to live in a country of equality then surely race should be irrelevant when it comes to employment. Just give the job to the best person.”