Paris: 1,500 migrants camping on one street

Around 1,500 migrants are currently camping on the Boulevard Ney in Northern Paris, where they have erected cardboard signs written in French saying: ‘We want to go to the United Kingdom.”

La Parisien newspaper describes the situation as ‘increasingly explosive’ as the large group of migrants have poor sanitary facilities, creating huge piles of waste near the Porte de la Chapelle.

Aid workers say the “deplorable hygiene conditions” are leading to health problems and the cramped conditions are creating a scabies epidemic.

The newspaper also claims 200 new migrants arrive every week, mostly from Eritrea and Sudan, and tensions are rising.

Over the weekend, a demonstration was held by activists who demanded “more humanity for the refugees, facing an intolerable misery”.

It’s pretty troubling that there are thousands in France desperate to come to Britain. The government needs to ensure that Brexit Britain is not seen as a soft touch land of milk and honey for the world’s economic migrants!