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New York to install huge number of ‘anti-terror barriers’ to stop attacks

$50 million to be spent to keep the public safe. Yet another sad sign of the times.

by Westmonster
January 3, 2018

New York City is to become the latest to install anti-terror barriers in an attempt to prevent terrorists ramming cars into pedestrians.

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The city will invest $50 million into 1,500 barriers after several deadly attacks in 2017.

Mayor¬†Bill de Blasio said: “In 2017, New Yorkers witnessed the horrible capacity of people willing to do us harm, whether it was in our subways, on our bike paths or in Times Square.

“But we will not be cowed, and our expanded investment today in barriers and bollards in our public spaces underscores our resolve in keeping New York City safe from future attacks.”

Barriers sparked outrage in Europe over the Christmas period after authorities decorated them as Christmas presents Рa move that was widely mocked on social media.