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New European Parliament asylum policy ‘will encourage more illegal immigration’

More madness from Brussels that’s been rejected by Hungary.

by Westmonster
January 12, 2018

The European Parliament’s plans to divvy asylum seekers out to EU countries based on some kind of quota system would actually encourage more illegal migration, according to Hungary’s Chief Security Advisor.

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The EP wants to introduce a new migration policy that would mean asylum seekers don’t have to be processed in the country at which they enter the EU, instead they’d be assigned a country based on a quota system for each member state.

György Bakondi said: “If the European Asylum System were to change in accordance with the European Parliament’s resolution, it would mean a further incentive for illegal migrants.

“Further uncertainties are raised by the problem of what happens if the migrant in question does not want to stay in the county to which they have been designated, and how migrants will be deported if their asylum requests are not accepted.”

Another senseless EU migration policy that obviously won’t work…