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Morrisons vows to only sell British meat

Massive Brexit boost for farmers.

by Westmonster
July 14, 2017

Morrisons has promised to only sell British meat in what will prove to be a massive Brexit boost to Britain’s agricultural economy.

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The supermarket chain already gets two thirds of its produce from British suppliers, and, considering roughly £5billion worth of meat comes to the UK from EU member states, farmers should be quids in.

The Co-Op also started stocking all-British meat in May this year.

Rob Youngson, Meat Director at Morrisons, speaking at the Great Yorkshire Show on Thursday, said: “Customers tell us that they want more homegrown food and we are listening.

“We have always been committed to selling British meat and today we are taking this a stage further by making a clear pledge that if you buy fresh meat at Morrisons it will be British.”

So much for the claims that Brexit would destroy the farming industry.