Migrant boats banned from Sicily during G7 over security fears

Boats containing migrants picked up in the Mediterranean will be banned from docking in Sicily during the G7 meeting over fears for world leader’s security.

The ban will begin on Monday, as leaders including the pro-open borders Angela Merkel will get together to discuss economic policy at the fancy San Domenico Palace hotel on the island.

The security crackdown, ordered by Police Chief Franco Gabrielli said Italian secutiry services needed a concrete plan to guarantee the security of the heads of state and government that will be on the island.

Migrant boats often dock in Sicily to receive food and medical treatment before continuing on to other Italian ports. The Libya-Italy taxi boats will have to sail on to another port, which could add a day or two to the journey, according to MSF. 

Tommaso Fabbri the head of MSF Italy said: “Sailing from the rescue zone beyond Sicily and as far as mainland Italy is possible . . . but we are worried since it adds a day or two to the sailing time.”

Westmonster chuckled at the irony of migrants being kept away for our leader’s security, yet the rest of Europe has to live with this risk on a daily basis. Perhaps if a few more leaders were exposed to the danger, they’d be a little more cautious before inviting millions of people to come here.