Gibraltar to remain 100% British after Brexit

Gibraltar will remain 100% British no matter what, according to their Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

Picardo said: “We have a decision of the British people to leave the EU. This requires us to change our relationship with the EU, we have a land border with Spain and there needs to be new arrangements to handle the number of people that cross that frontier everyday.

“Gibraltar will remain 100% British because we have to respect the result of the Brexit referendum and one in 1967 where we chose to remain entirely British and in 2002 the second referendum on joint sovereignty where 99% of us said we want to continue staying entirely British.”

Even Juncker seems to agree, saying “Gibraltar is bound to leave the European Union together with the United Kingdom”.

Donald Tusk had previously said Spain might get a veto over the future relationship between Britain and the EU, put it looks like Jean-Claude has put him back in his box.

It really is very simple, Gibraltar is British and that’s the way it’s staying.