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EU free movement has led to rise in people trafficking

People are being exploited in every major UK town or city.

by Westmonster
August 14, 2017

The EU’s open border policy is being cited as a cause for the increase in human trafficking and modern slavery in Britain.

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Will Kerr, Director at the National Crime Agency, said: “Where you can move more freely…there will be gangs who will look to get involved in that process,” confirming that freedom of movement was “definitely a factor”.

Kerr sadly confirmed that the issue was now a nationwide epidemic, saying: “The full scale and extent of it, we don’t know. But what we have found is that in every medium-to-large town and every city in the UK, we have found evidence of vulnerable people being exploited.

“We can’t put a figure on it but we can say there are tens of thousands of victims across the UK.”

This is clearly a huge, growing problem in Britain and horrendous new trend that has come as a result of open borders. Free movement is an absolute dream for hardened criminals to move people around virtually undetected. Brexit should make life far more difficult for these sickos.