EU failing to stop migrant boats coming

The European Union’s current strategy to combat the migrant crisis is a failure that is simply not succeeding in stopping migrant boats from coming, according to a Lords report.

Warships are destroying some boats used by people smugglers, but they are instead using dinghies and smaller boats, with more people dying at sea.

The number of those seeking to cross from Libya to Europe via boat increased from 153,842 to 181,436 migrants on record as having made the journey, though this number is unlikely to cover the full scale of the problem.

It is surely time now for Europe to get a grip and take a page out of the Australians ‘Stop the Boats’ policy. There must be a far stronger message sent out that you cannot just come to Europe and that you will be sent back if you to do not arrive legally.

If Europe doesn’t start getting tough, this already horrendous problem is only going to get worse.