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Economists: Unskilled migrants cost UK taxpayers £3,500 each

New report claims unskilled migrants drain thousands of pounds more from the country than they contribute.

by Westmonster
February 17, 2017

Each person coming to the UK without any skills costs taxpayers £3,500 each year in welfare and support, according to new research by Economists for Free Trade.

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Roger Bootle, one of the key members of the group, said: “Far from bringing a gain, unskilled immigration brings a loss.”

Critics of mass immigration have pointed out for years that this is the case, with a constant supply of cheap labour keeping wages low for the lowest paid and the huge influx of people over the past few years has put immense pressure on public services.

The group point out that the opposite is true for skilled migration. Bootle said: “Whatever arrangements are put in place, we must recognise this difference and make sure we allow skilled migration to continue, which brings a net benefit to the economy as a whole.”

Australian-style points system, anyone?