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Defence Secretary: We’ll eliminate British-born ISIS traitors

But why have over 400 been allowed back into the UK?

by Westmonster
November 14, 2017

New Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has pledged to target and kill ISIS traitors who have joined the sick Islamic State death cult abroad.

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In an interview with The Sun he has said: “They are going to inflict more and more harm on our country, so does that mean eliminating that threat completely? Yes it does.”

On returning jihadists, he was also clear: “Do you want some of those foreign fighters potentially in this country? Do your readers? They certainly don’t, so the job isn’t done.”

Whilst this approach is welcome, is still raises other questions. Why has Britain allowed back more ISIS jihadis than any other country in Europe, over 400? There still seems to be a disconnect between the tough talk on killing ISIS supporters whilst allowing so many back on British soil.