Blair: It’s absolutely necessary Brexit doesn’t happen

Tony Blair has said EU nations would be willing to let Britain have control over immigration if we choose to stay in the EU, and thinks it’s “absolutely necessary” that we do.

He said: “The French and Germans share some of the British worries, notably around immigration, and would compromise on freedom of movement.”

Blair added that Emmanuel Macron’s election as French President changes the dynamic in Europe and could lead to changes to the EU.

“Reform is now on Europe’s agenda. The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement,” said Blair.

In the Sky interview Blair talked about “evidence” showing leaving the EU was a disaster. Shame he didn’t focus as much on evidence in 2003.

Isn’t it time Blair butted out? People didn’t only vote for Brexit because of immigration, taking back control of trade and our economy was a major factor too. It’s too little too late from the EU.