BBC bigwigs ‘worried about safety’ when salaries are published

BBC bigwigs are so worried about the risk of a massive public backlash when their license fee funded salaries are revealed that they’re being given close protection.

Among those who are likely to have their £150k pay revealed this Wednesday are BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg and Today programme presenter John Humphrys, the latter of whom confessed in 2014 that the supposedly neutral organisation “bought into the European ideal” and was not “sufficiently sceptical about the pro-immigration argument”.

A source from the BBC has been quoted as saying that “people are extremely worried about safety, not only for themselves but also their families. There is a worry they will receive a torrent of abuse online.”

Accounts from 2011 revealed pay adding up to £22m for just 19 stars, although a veil of secrecy prevented the public from knowing who gets what.

The BBC has been publishing the pay of its top executives for some time, but recent measures have now forced it to own up to the sums it hands out to top stars like Chris Evans and Gary Lineker.

The concerns are particularly intense given the events of the UK General Election, during which Kuenssberg was given personal protection following huge amounts of abuse from the rabid online supporters of “kinder, gentler” Jeremy Corbyn.

But some in the industry are distraught at the fact that the truth about out of control BBC pay will soon be known.

Speaking with an optimism that few share, Channel 5’s Ben Frow expressed “trust that the people at the BBC spend my money in the best way they see fit” and added that he doesn’t “need to know who earns this and who earns that”.

Isn’t it strange that the liberal elite who occupy the BBC are all for openness and transparency in politics except when it comes to their own fat pockets?